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Juicing Joy: Fruits Berries And Melons

Length: 240 pages2 hours


"Why Juice?"
- Fruits & veggies are critically important for your health.
- Juicing further concentrates those unique benefits.
- To deliver maximum "pre-digested" energy in a glass.

A Few Health Benefit Of Juicing Are:

1.Lose excess weight without exercising. As your body gets everything it needs, cravings disappear.
2.You will have more energy available from the dense nutrition flooding in. Its liquid form does not TAKE energy to process, it GIVES energy.
3.One of the first body systems to heal is digestion. The juice format means nutrients arrive at your stomach "predigested," allowing them to flow along without burdening your digestive system.
4.Your immune system (flooded with new-found nutrients, vitamins, and energy) will strengthen for greater over-all health. It will seek out and destroy newly identified threats.
5.Leaning on that vast immune power, local systems will switch from defensive mode in dealing with daily dietary disturbances to offense.
6.Existing illnesses and other conditions will begin to improve as they are engulfed in healing micro-nutrients.
7.Detoxification of your body will occur on 2 levels: less toxins into your system and your body will start to aggressively eliminate old toxic accumulations.
8.Body systems will begin to normalize: arteries, bowels, breath, brain, sleep; it all gets a little easier with each cleansing step.
9.Like a finely tuned instrument, your body processes everything more effortlessly: from nutrients to neurons.

A Word From The Author

"Hello friends,

"I'm NO 'drink your green goo' guru. I'm an old friend you haven't met yet. I'm a life-time juicer. I hope you will be, too.

"If it doesn't taste good, I won't drink it! Neither will you, for long. So let's be real. I will explain (over a fresh glass of delicious juice) how and why you will want to develop this tasty habit which, by the way, is amazingly good for you.

"I'll give you as much scientific backup as you like (pushed conveniently out of the way into a big appendix).

"You'll have everything you need for months of juicing joy, except the machine itself (and I'll help you pick that out as well).

"Above all, I'll see to it that you enjoy yourself. I view that as part of an author's duties. I teach, I entertain, I motivate, so that you will learn. If I don't pull you through to the end of the book, I've failed.

"It is my job to make the recipes and, indeed the book itself, "taste good".

"To that end, I have a little trick to guarantee that every recipe will taste exactly right to YOU! That is my secret ingredient for the book (see Chapter 6).

"It also serves rather well as the secret for a successful life: 'Make it TASTE GOOD!'

Best wishes,
Oran Kangas

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