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The Offer

Length: 997 pages12 hours


This epic, dynastic novel sweeps across more than half a century of passion, hatred, friendship and fear––tracing the entwined fortunes of two families in Palestine: one Arab, one Jewish. From the day in the late nineteenth century, when a young Hammadi boy and two Nouari brothers meet on the road to Jerusalem and form a partnership, there seems no limit to the growth of their banking empire. Together they conquer the international markets: London, Paris and New York, until a hidden crack threatens their apparently unshakeable friendship: The Zionist dream of Israel seeking reality.

The beauty of the novel is that it offers an objective view of the confrontation, showing both sides of the question without offending the sensibilities of either Jew or Arab. In fact, it provides a tantalizing view of what might happen in Palestine if the Arabs and Jews who had lived side-by-side for hundreds, even thousands of years, had been able to work out their problems without outside interference.

In addition to the accurate portrayal of a people caught up in the sweep of history, THE OFFER delivers a timeless message with a hope for peace, to a new generation. There are many weapons for peace. This book is one of them.

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