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Escaped (Incubus #3)

Length: 25 pages21 minutes


Incubus Kit has fled the sorcerer Sebastian, whose ruthless seduction has brought Kit to the very brink of surrender. Kit cannot risk allowing Sebastian to claim his body and soul; the prospect is both thrilling and terrifying. Kit has to flee, but Sebastian has no intention of letting him go so easily - and Kit’s own cravings are becoming impossible to deny...

5600-word MM erotic romance.


Kit fled into the night, leaving behind the sorcerer who wanted to be his master.

His heart stayed in his throat as he pushed through the grounds of the sorcerer’s manor, made threatening in the dark. Trees loomed out of nowhere; thorns caught at him, ripping the sleeves of his shirt. Unseen lakes lay waiting in hollows to drown him. The gleam of eyes in the dark startled him; a fox watched him pass from a nearby hedgerow, its ears pricked, its expression predatory. Once or twice Kit thought he heard someone following him—the crack of a branch, the whisper of a footstep—but when he froze, he heard nothing but the rapid beat of his own heart.

Miles ahead, a cluster of tiny gold lights gleamed in the darkness, marking a village half hidden among trees. If he could make it there, maybe he could escape for good.

Behind him, light spilled from the cracked-open window of the great ivy-covered house he had fled. He could hear the servant still crying out in pleasure inside. The local sorcerers were taking turns with the servant as they would eventually have done with Kit.

Kit shuddered. The familiar ache built inside him, heated and urgent. Sebastian had woken a part of him that should have been left sleeping, and now Kit was alive, awake, afire. He imagined Sebastian kissing him again and it was so intense he couldn’t breathe. Sebastian would pin him against a wall so Sebastian could devour his mouth, grinding his hot body against his. And then Kit’s resolve would melt completely and Kit would beg Sebastian to take him.

Kit would never escape another meeting with Sebastian. He would surrender completely.

Never again. Nobody could ever touch him.

The ache died slowly as the night wound on, as the house became distant behind him, as its lights dimmed against the vastness of the sky.

He’d done the right thing, he was sure of it. He could never allow himself to be claimed, it was madness. It was surrender. It was a lifetime of servitude, devoted to pleasing his master, giving up his body, his magic, his heart, his soul. Better to escape while he could.

He did not see the shadow leaning against the drystone wall until it spoke.

“You owe me another day,” said Sebastian.

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