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Jurassic Sex Park (Dinosaur Erotica)

Length: 16 pages14 minutes


Warning! This story contains content of an adult nature. Hot dinosaur erotica- not for the feint of heart.

When the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Anita Dick receives an exclusive invitation to the world's first dinosaur park breeding program, she has her doubts. The offer, however, becomes too enticing when she learns the ruggedly handsome Dr. Jack Strockum will be in attendance. Thrilled by the opportunity to observe dinosaurs in the flesh with the sexy doctor she rushes to the park.

Things turn upside down when she becomes lost in the triceratops enclosure and finds herself aroused by a more unconventional source- the horned beast himself! Consumed by ravenous desire for the dino she embarks on an erotic journey that spans species and time.

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