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Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales

Length: 116 pages40 minutes


As a storyteller and a parent, I know better than most how precious the old stories are, how rich a heritage we can pass to the next generation through myths, legends, fairytales and traditional stories. I have written this book to give other parents inspiration when their offspring clamour for “one more story” at bedtime.
These stories are the distillation of ancient knowledge, warnings about danger, and lessons about morality and life. I have concentrated them further:
Taking the vital elements of well-loved folk and fairy tales from around the world, and sacred stories from major world religions, I have distilled them into a unique format:
The Drabble.
Drabbles are stories containing exactly a hundred words. The tales chosen for this book have simple basic storylines, and have been concentrated into their purest form, without extraneous detail. They are ideal for learning by heart, or for use as a scaffold to build details onto at story time.

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