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The City of Fear 3 The Undertaker

Length: 85 pages1 hour


They got to the graveside and John said. ‘Joe do you think the four of us could get the body out of the grave.’
‘I don’t see why not John I have a rope in the car just a minute I’ll go get it.’
When Joe came back with the rope he went down on his knees and was just about to lie down on the ground to reach the body when the farmer said.’ Just a minute son let me do that you have a nice suit on and I have rags on it won’t harm me.’
The farmer took hold of the rope and said as he made a loop. ‘I know what I am doing because I have had to get the cows out of holes in the ground many a time.
Then he lay down on the grave edge and put the loop over the dead man's feet, then he made another loop and draped this over the mans head and he caught the look on the constable's face and said. ‘Don’t worry Billy he is dead it won't hurt.’ Then he laughed. He stood up and said ok everyone grab a corner with a rope and we can lift him out.’
They got the body out of the hole and Joe went to take a look at his pockets Joe then stood up and said. ‘Not a thing in the pockets Sir, but I will tell you this he has not been dead long his body has no smell yet.’
‘Well that in its self Joe is interesting when you think of the missing person back home.’
Then about a half-hour later an ambulance and another police car and the two men said their goodbye to the farmer and the Constable and then left for home leaving the ambulance and the rest of the police crew that had just arrived.
They got back to town and they said good night and went there own ways.
The next day they were sitting having their usual cup of coffee when the door to their office opened and the Pathologist Dick walked in. ‘Morning you two you still saving us from evil are you.’ He was smiling and he sat down in front of John.
Then John said. ‘Ok Dick but what have you got for me.’
‘Well John I think I can tell you his name if that’s any good.’
‘Oh go ahead Dick what is his name.’
‘Well his name is William
‘And how do you make that out Dick.’

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