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Anima Mundi

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When the strands of time collide the pursuit of truth can lead to dangerous places, dark places in the obscure recesses of a world long forgotten. The ancient philosophers knew about it. They believed in a vital force of the universe that gave life to all living things. Separate from the soul, they called it the Anima Mundi, the source of all life. They believed this was the tenacious force of nature that drove our powerful instinct for survival. At all costs, in the face of cruellest adversity the animal spirit will seek a way to cling to precious life. It is this way for all creatures, animal and human. But who can control it and how do we protect ourselves from its relentless energy?

In 1919 a group of refugees is escaping the onward march of the Russian Revolution. Their aim is to reach the safety of America, land of opportunity, to start a new life safe from Bolshevik harassment. But Europe is in a state of flux immediately following the Great War and best laid plans don't always work out the way they should.

At the other end of the world the year is 1995 and the place is Dunedin in New Zealand's deep south. Bill Munro has been asked by a family friend to investigate the disappearance of her daughter. She believes there was a police cover-up and Janet Slade might still be alive. The trouble is Janet disappeared in 1969, twenty-six years ago. Munro is not a detective, he has no experience with missing persons, but then no amount of experience would prepare him for what he uncovers as he finds himself drawn down the same mysterious path Janet Slade walked twenty-six years before. Not just one but thirteen disappearances from the same place. Is this what Janet uncovered to her own personal cost. Has he stumbled upon a twenty-six year-old serial killer cold case? When at last he discovers the truth, it all seems to focus on a derelict apartment building and a pile of human bones in the ashes of a house fire in 1920. Being a committed sceptic, Munro first has to convince himself of what he's found. But how will he convince the others.

Anima Mundi - the animating spirit of all living things. If the soul is released in death to a higher state of existence does the anima remain eternal to be shared and passed on? Janet Slade discovered that it meant something more for both the living and the dead. Does this mean Janet is still alive? And if so, is she really who her mother thinks she is?

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