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Galaxium 2: The Losaurian Conspiracy

Length: 121 pages2 hours


Mankind's future lies among the stars, but what kind of future will it be? Forged in Freedom or shackled in servitude?

The answer will depend on who controls the galaxy's greatest natural resource... GALAXIUM.

As war rages in the Fremona system and a game of intrigue plays out on the Usirian battlecruiser Rameses, Jason Starchild has escaped captivity and a certain fate of being reprogrammed by Usirian authorities. Stranded on an alien world that is his supposed birthplace, Jason must place his trust in strangers to evade his enemies and find the one man who has all the answers. He soon discovers there is more to the power structure of Usiria than meets the eye, a great and terrible truth the authorities are willing to keep secret at any cost.

Will the true masters of the Usirian Empire be revealed to all... or will they be able to silence the seekers of truth and retain their power?

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