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Dog Days of Dying

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Have you ever wondered what paramedics experience? Dealing with 'the job' takes over a third of a medic's life and more. Working twenty-four hour shifts is the industry standard, which makes sleep deprivation also a standard regardless of the Department of Transportation's regulations for other careers. EMS must be able to perform in the worst conditions and any moment, which subjects paramedics to extreme stress hormones, emotional turmoil, and physical wear and tear.

This 5500+ word short story isn't for the faint of heart or minors, but it is for those fascinated with getting a behind the scenes look at EMS. It gets inside the mind of a veteran paramedic dealing with an emergency call. It's an intense sensory ride, and an accurate portrayal of paramedics written in deep 1st person POV. This is the second, standalone story in my paramedic fiction series. Be sure to read my first one, 'Downgrade'.

You know you want to look. Everyone does, they just don't want to admit it. So why are you waiting?

NOT FOR UNDERAGE READERS! WARNING: adult language, sarcasm, graphic medical details

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