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Dark Waters

Length: 60 pages48 minutes


Private investigator Archer Lake earns his keep investigating cheating spouses, and until the beautiful Judge from the palatial cabin on the hill overlooking his moored houseboat invites herself in for coffee, the worse thing he ever faced was a distraught husband or a bounced client check. One event changes everything, and propels Archer into the world of international terrorism and suspense.

What starts as a simple invitation for a cup of coffee turns into a fight for justice when Archer is confronted by an ultimatum—find and stop an international arms dealer, or live with the consequences.

Author J.L. Savage shows us what it takes to survive when the odds are stacked against you. His Archer Lake character is a “take no prisoners” private investigator who enjoys leading a quiet life on a houseboat inherited from a deceased client. But when trouble comes his way, he steps into action.

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