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To Abstract:

Length: 98 pages6 minutes


To Abstract: Features 70 full color images and is intended to be read on full color devices.

To Abstract: is a collaboration of two insightful minds—Jack Doehring, poet, and Sarah Miller, visual artist.

The elemental nature of Miller and Doehring's work nurtures thought, growth and understanding of the human condition in a way that convoluted poetry and complicated visuals do not.

Breaking down poetry and visual art in to an essence requires skill and sensitivity—both the poet and artist present highly abstracted works. Their artwork is universal, stirring up various feelings and thoughts in each individual.

Miller's art connects with the viewer through line, space, color and improvisation. The simplicity and elegance of her abstract compositions create a rhythmic dance.

Doehring's poetry speaks just as eloquently. The strength of his abstract poetic compositions encourages the contemplation of Miller's art.

Together, the artists open up the mind and spirit to nurture deep thinking.

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