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Martial Musings: In Defence Of Self

Length: 20 pages13 minutes


This eBook is going to discuss Self Defence.

It's not filled with 'DEADLY', 'SECRET', 'MILITARY' stuff that's too dangerous for normal people to learn...

No it's filled with something much more important, the mental skills, attitudes and knowledge that you need to have, so that the physical skills that you have learned at a martial arts school will really work!!!

Now everyone knows that the self defence that is taught in the martial art that they study, is simply the best there is. But that leads us to a problem because not every martial art can really be the ‘best’ form of self defence, as there are so many different ones.

Maybe then the self defence skills taught to martial artists are the best for the individual martial artist, given the art they study and their own specific skills... Well again that is problematic because the tale of the ‘black belt’ martial artist who gets beaten up by some ‘street fighter’ is pretty ubiquitous.

So could it possibly be that many martial arts teach sub-standard self defence skills? Well yes that is absolutely true BUT there is way more to the failings of self defence than that. You see the main problem with why you may not be able to defend yourself adequately.... is you !!!

I’m going to list some common problems that stop martial artists being as effective as they might otherwise be and I’m going to look at what you can do about it, if you feel that any of the problems could be something that you (or the people you teach) might suffer from...

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