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Chosen, Part 4

Length: 57 pages51 minutes


Annabelle Anderson is seething. Surfing her tablet at Starbucks, she comes across a photo of Xavier Hawthorne and his new bride. Her Xavier. The man she’s been dating, on and off, for the past five years. The man she expected to marry... as soon as their busy work schedules allowed. After a confrontational phone call with Xavier that got off on the wrong foot and ended even worse, Annabelle heads out for a night on the town. Eager for a distraction, she meets a man who just might fulfill her requirements, including bringing one of his friends to their party. Will Annabelle get more than she bargained for... or exactly what she needs?

Meanwhile, Bianca is at a crossroads in her young marriage. After a grueling honeymoon, Xavier has barely touched her. Has he genuinely lost interest or is he seeing someone else already? Bianca takes matters into her own hands to find out.

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