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The Miami Chronicles

Length: 127 pages1 hour


Meet Neil, C-Lo, and Rasheed. These three young men are best friends since high school at Miami Ambition Senior High. They are headed for success at a local, accredited college, Grand Scholars University, in Downtown Miami. As the small crew makes their transition from their parents' house to on-campus living, they immediately become "the big men" on campus, and have the freedom to do whatever they want. The ladies love them, and the guys envy them. As their popularity spreads around the campus, their futures become dim, and they become involved in an array of activities including: drug dealing, making secret hidden sextapes with college girls, gambling, and robberies around campus. Before college graduation, one of these guys is going to get kicked out of Grand Scholars University, and another one is going to prison. Only one of these guys makes it across the stage. This urban adventure is going to keep you on the edge of your seats!!!

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