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The Crown Project

Length: 428 pages6 hours


The Crown Project propels through an exciting opening chapter where emotions run high, as a French terrorist organization plots to kidnap a boy prince, heir to the British throne. In this suspense thriller, Ben Carter, an American attorney, is forced to determine who the Royal is that is being kidnapped. Carter is ultimately trapped in a deadly game of blame in Paris, and he almost spins out of control as he tries to prove his innocence in a web of intrigue. Angelique, an undercover CIA agent, becomes his lover with her own agenda. Even though she supports his plan, unbeknownst to Carter, she can't help him recover the prince until her own project is completed, one that is aligned with the real kidnapper. The prince becomes a pawn to destroy the relationship between Britain and the United States, and the Royal is shuffled from person to person in Paris, most of them unaware of the real kidnapper's scheme. Will the prince die in the tragic schemes of the terrorist, or will Carter be caught by the police or the real kidnappers before he saves the child? Stephanie, Carter's former CIA boss, goes to Paris to find him, and is torn between killing him and proving his innocence. Her personal objective is to bed him for her own, destroying the relationship between Carter and Angelique. She is desperate in her emotions, allowing her to make life's mistakes. Carter, the unwilling spy, is the hunter as well as the hunted. The book is a suspenseful romp through the streets of Paris until it's riveting end.

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