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Jacqui In Space

Length: 36 pages24 minutes


Jacqui explored the Earth on her venerable Royal Enfield 500cc motorbike in the early 21st century. One hundred and twenty years later her cryonically preserved body is thawed and she is flown to explore Mars as part of mankind's effort to find new worlds to colonize. Earth is doomed through over-population,decimation of its resources and choking pollution. She knows that she is being used as a symbol of the struggle to survive,and though anxious to do her best she is plagued with doubts that the human-race will inevitably ruin another planet. Riding her trusty steed Enfield,now powered by an electric motor,she surveys the landscape,coming across a promising plain. Pausing to take photographs,Jacqui falls into a reverie as she encounters an ancient Martian.

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