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Human Into Robot

Length: 99 pages1 hour


Enter the Sci-Fi world of ultra advanced military technological weaponry in this new thriller. Psychological horror and devastation in ways you would never imagine awaits as the main character finds himself in inconceivable situations with no end in sight. Witness the power of futuristic technologies being applied to completely obliterate and destroy entirely in a graphic and gruesome adventure Born and raised in a loving, caring family,, the main character is met with endless adversity due to unknowns about the world that anybody would rather not know. Experience the author's imagination to create unheard of technologies and potential for creative possibilities that the world only hopes and prays do not manifest. Human Into Robot is a must read for people that have a craving to experience something new and different. Follow along and witness complete and utter pain in it's rawest, purest, and most advanced form. 18+, Mature Audiences Only Sci-Fi Novel

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