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Length: 252 pages4 hours


With her ex-boyfriend Luca kidnapped and the supernatural Council breathing down her neck Lily finds herself en route to Venice to meet with the all-powerful Pontiffs of the Synod. She’s stronger now having fully embraced her role as fairy Princess, but that doesn’t stop her Nephilim best-friend Rowan from tagging along. They soon find themselves in a race against the clock to rescue her first love while at the same time trying to prevent an all-out war. With the races in chaos and the forces of evil hot on their heels they are forced to operate under the radar to accomplish their mission, that is, until a chance encounter with a demon changes Lily in ways that she can’t easily explain. Add to it that three is most definitely a crowd and the impromptu road trip quickly gets complicated. Between Rowan wearing his heart on his sleeve and Luca’s hot and cold behavior Lily is more confused than ever before. And as their patience wears thin it’s not long before they are giving her an ultimatum; choose now or lose them both, leaving Lily to consider for the first time a life without the complications of love.

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