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Daigu: Book II of the Elvestran Chronicles

Length: 395 pages5 hours


Two hundred years after facing down the deadly, power-hungry Blood Cult, Elvestran half-breed Lilim Aubergain believes she finally has life figured out. She has the respect and trust of the Elvestran's most esteemed leader, a successful medical practice, and even a new budding romance.

But trouble is brewing far to the west, and once again Lilim will have to go up against the only Mage as powerful as she; her own sister, Lamía. Long since banished across the ocean, Lamía is no longer content to hide away in the tree-top city of Elvhíí Ysla and nurse her anger. She has harnessed the power of the most feared Wizard ever known and is coming out of the shadows with a vengeance.

Her first target; the Elvestran's tiny underground cousins, the Daígu.

This exciting sequel to Blood Cult continues the
thrilling Chronicles of the Elvestra.

2nd Edition - 2013

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