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Length: 147 pages2 hours


Shy Madison has been lusting after a handsome widower with two young daughters for years now. In fact he has had starring roles in her fantasies long before he lost his wife; even before her husband, Eric left her with two little girls of her own to raise alone. With help from her parents, Madison manages to pull everything together and she is now on the brink of making it as a writer.

Jack always considered himself to be a faithful husband, but when Bridy was killed in a freak car accident on her way to see a divorce lawyer, Jack's world comes unravelled. Then one day, the opportunity of a life-time comes along, a dream job that is a chance for him and his small family to start over.

But, Jack keeps a promise to Madison's eight year old daughter and invites the small family to join his own for a day of horseback riding and hamburgers. Their g-rated family get-together turns into a fantastic x-rated fantasy come true— after the children are asleep of course. Their fiery passion is a joy and a trial.

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