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Arvanion's Gift

Length: 734 pages9 hours


December sale. 99cents only! First book of 9 book series Cat's Tales.
Relieve Holiday stress with magic, hope, and lots of action.

When Arvanion created the immortal Tiranen, he made them strong and skilled in war, enough to take on the god Balphegor’s worst creatures and help the gentle Elves in their fight against the enemy. When events take a tragic turn, Little Cat, the youngest Tiranen, is set on a path that leads her to a meeting with the spirit of a dead dragon and forces her to face vauroks and goblins alone.

Cat's Tales is a six book series set within incredible settings where engaging characters interact. Here you will find adventure, love, and the pains of growing up all rolled into one great story.

Sandie Bergen, author of Marion Margaret Press's bestselling series, The Jada-Drau, brings us another series sure to entertain readers during the nights reading curled up on the cozy couch.

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