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A Familial Force

Length: 212 pages2 hours


Scotland, the spring of 1685, the Duke of Heathershire passes away, leaving wealth and titles to his only son and heir. Gilbert de Sinclair faced an abusive upbringing at the hands of his late father, and received no affection from anyone save the Lady Olivia. An often erratic and violent young man with an addiction to the bottle, Gilbert has a secret adoration for the lady. The great matters with this are that Olivia is his half-sister, and she has neither a notion that he desires her, nor a clue that with their ducal father's passing, her half-brother is one step closer to claiming her. A force stronger than lust impels the handsome new duke to make perverse conquest on his sibling―a familial force.

Page count is 262 pages in a 5 x 8 book.

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