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From Suffering to Triumph

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I have been privileged to read the draft of this wonderful book that was so close to my heart and I am trying my best to provide my impressions of this book and her writer in a short passage. The book begins about life of an ordinary innocent little girl in a strict and suffocative Rumania’s communist environment. However, as simply stated you can see a very spectacular Christian in Maria’s writings even from her very childhood era. It is such a strong innocence that cannot be ruined even by such iron fists of destiny as we will read. My impressions from this book are that during the innocence of her childhood: Her garden was around the shadow of knowledge; her garden was where feelings were tied to plants. Her garden was the intersection of observation, a man made social cage and her shiny mirror of selfknowledge.
She chewed raw apple of god in her innocent childish dreams.
As she grew up; like everyone else, she ascended the stairway of religion, went to the feast of worldliness, to plains of sorrows, to garden of mysticism, to illuminated terrace of science, till the cool climate of the magnanimity, till the wet night of the compassion. She met someone on other end of love and she witnessed the silence of the desire, the light of pleasure and full voice of aloneness. She had so much courage to escape the horrible ordeal of cruelty in Rumania. But alas, all her innocent dreams were shattered by so much cruelty imposed on her by those 2 husbands tormented her so much, raped her youth and mistreated her innocent children with such horrible criminal acts, molesting them and so much butchery that brings tears to anyone who reads the book. No matter how terrible events and people tried to wipe out her childhood innocence. Nevertheless, despite all these terrible hardships and thanks to her voice of God within, in the end her character has emerged so within her is so radiant that she overcame, not only her own ordeals but she emerged victorious and radiant as ever by helping others and she showed us by example that if we follow her inner Faith light it is possible for us to find the truth by reading this fantastic tale of her life. More than the book I was very impressed by this ”radiant temple of god” within such a strong but as compassionate and generous person as ever. You must read between the lines and sentences of this book to find out how great this wonderful lady is. You can feel and sense this irradiation of love and compassion not only within herself or immediate relatives like her children and church members but she also shines her pass wherever she goes and spreads this fragrant Perfume of love which is the essence of God in humanity. For example, read this book and look how she changed the course of life for a Jewish gentleman who happened to fly with her to Perth. There are occurrences in our lives which seem to be coincidental but they are not as this nameless eternity is emanating its light and beauty through amazing people like her and I it is a pleasure to be able to talk to her. This light is beyond any measure and far beyond the comprehension of our limited mind and heart. Although truth is a pathless land, nevertheless she herself is the very manifestation of such timeless beauty as a “Live Temple of God” and lucky her and those who like Maria can live and irradiate this vast nameless eternal being through their own Lord God and Saviour . I can testify that she is one of those few who have reached this immense ocean of eternity. I recommend this book to any human being who is interested and keen to learn the truth, as in every page of this book you can find a sincere declaration of love, blessing, forgiveness, spontaneous generosity and compassion in everyday life of this amazing wonderful lady. REZA MALEK 22.10.2013

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