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Bloodbond Issue 1

Length: 129 pages1 hour


Bloodbond is published in May and November and contains stories of vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, delicately seasoned with poems, art, and articles.
Issue 1

short stories
Tree Hugger by Tyree Campbell
With Pen In Hand by John Grey
Jeanie's Story by Tim Jeffreys
The Lluellens by Nicole Tanquary
Fetch by Steve Coate
flash fiction
The Mortal Man by Matthew Wilson
In the Company of Wolves by James S. Dorr
A Vampire's Guide to Memorable Vintages by Marge Simon
Blood Bath by K. S. Hardy
Satin by L. A. Story Sikora
Marital Difficulties with the Shape Shifter by Ken Poyner
The Artist and the Aliens by Marge Simon
The Vow by Terrie Leigh Relf
Night Flower by K. S. Hardy
Vinedresser of the Blood-Thieves by Richard King Perkins II
The Visitor by Neil Weston
The Hulk's Indestructible Shorts and a Dead Man's Pajamas by Robert E. Porter

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