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Whoops 'N Awards 3

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Whoops N’ Awards lesson packs offer every child in the primary grades a pathway to happy school days. Parents and teachers find these lesson packs easy to use and fun to follow for teaching 4 year old students through kindergarten and primary grades, the guide posts for character building. The lessons promote good behavior and form excellent study skills. Teachers will glow with pride when their class becomes the well-disciplined class of their dreams; likewise, parents will see a classroom which they will respect, love, and support. Lesson packs may also be used at home as a last thought of the day before sleep. This will put your child way ahead of the game.
Corky, a cute little bug, guides children to recognize actions which are good, bad, or not their fault. Corky thinks every child should have the opportunity to practice choosing and classifying behaviors. Up to this point in their lives, children have learned house and school rules only, but have not had to make many decisions on their own. Whoops N’ Awards lesson packs will help children develop group interaction skills, educational skills, and skills of both being a friend and making friends.
To promote good behavior in the classroom and friends on the playground, lesson packs will offer your child a chance to shine. Whoops N’ Awards is a map for student success and good character for a lifetime. Give a child a chance and buy these awesome lesson packs for pennies. Buy it for your child’s teacher, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone else involved with a small child. The packs are cheaper than a newspaper!

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