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Playtime for Sam

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Two years ago, I became a granny. In other words, I am a two year old granny. When Samantha came for a visit, we used to eat biscuits and drink orange juice; we scribbled on paper or went for a little walk. Sometimes we also played the keyboard together, but more so, we watched TV. And I let her, because I couldn't offer her many alternatives. I realised that I had forgotten how to entertain small children.
But I really don’t want the television, DVD player and computer to take over my granny duties. I wanted Sam to have a really cool granny, someone who talks and listens to her, a granny who reads stories and sings songs, draws pictures and most of all plays with her.

But I didn't have enough toys or great ideas of what to do with Sam, and constantly stuffing ourselves with biscuits makes us fat and drawing pictures all day long got boring.

So I was rummaging around in my memories and searching for things to do and games to play, gathered ideas, wrote them down, tried them out, loved them or dismissed them, and slowly this play book started to emerge. I thought that there must be hundreds of grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties, child minders and babysitters out there, who are stuck for things to do when the little visitors arrive.
My ambition was that the play things either don’t cost anything or very little, and to find things that most people have in the house. Children tend to have just as much fun with every-day objects as with expensive toys bought in a toy shop. Furthermore, home-made toys and objects from around the house offer unlimited possibilities for imagination, whereas many bought toys are very limited in their use.
This play book is intended for toddlers and children up to about six years of age. Actually, it is really intended for all the other grannies and granddads...
Ladies and gents, get down on the floor, lose all your inhibitions, release your inner child, have lots of’s PLAYTIME!

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