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Yes! You Can Write Your Own Copy!

Length: 130 pages2 hours


YES! You can write your own copy is for people who can already think clearly and write reasonably well.

Most simply need to shift their focus a bit: talk benefits not features, show how they meet the prospects' needs and prove why their product or service should be chosen over what their competition offers.

This book tells the advertiser or marketer exactly what they need to know — step by step. And that means everything, with nothing held back.

YES! You can write your own copy fulfils its promise, helping the reader to write powerful, compelling web content, ads, brochures, press releases, newsletters, articles, books, manuals, corporate videos — anything that needs to convince, persuade and ring in the sales.

Above all, YES! You can write your own copy helps the reader know who they are writing to and why, to organise their material accordingly, review their drafts and produce text that talks TO not AT their prospects.

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