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Foxwise: A Legend of Vanx Malic Short Story

Length: 32 pages25 minutes


Deep in the Lurr Forest there is a valley called Saint Elm's Deep. This secret valley stays in a perpetual state of Spring and hosts the thousands of Fae who live there. The Heart Tree's magic sustains the boundaries that protect them all and their lush forest, but the hoar witch has poisoned its roots.

Queen Corydalis needs a certain shard to cast a beckoning so that the Emerald Eyed Champion of lore might come and save them all, for he is the only one who can end the hoar witch, and if they hope to save the Heart Tree that deed has to be done.

Join Thorn, Bristle, and Barb, the Pixie Queens fiercest, smartest and most loyal elves as they take a thrilling journey out of their protected world into true Overland, where danger hides around every corner and everything they ever loved is at stake.

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