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Reinholder to Rainmaker

Length: 129 pages2 hours


You have a destiny and it is huge! Every person in your life, every past experience, place that you have stepped and every thought that you’ve encompassed has lead you to today. There is a quintessential moment in your life when you must decide if you are to unlock that huge destiny, or simply continue to live in the status quo. God has an extraordinary plan custom designed only for you. You must decide now if you are to live it, or let it slip away. God has never lied. He tells us that we are promised HUGE prosperity, an ABUNDANCE of happiness, a WEALTH of healthiness, and a life filled with OVERALL victory. In scripture, He plainly states what we must do to receive our INCREDIBLE destiny.
Don’t wait another day. Today is the day that life becomes simple with a quiet beauty and stillness that comes only from having absolutely everything that was intended for you.

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