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Bar 10 4: Blood of the Bar 10

Length: 122 pages1 hour


Tomahawk and Johnny Puma return to the Bar 10 ranch to find their boss, Gene Adams, brooding over a sinister letter that has just arrived. Not only is the tall rancher concerned by the threats contained in the letter, but also by the fact that it claims to be from one of his mortal enemies, the Rattler. As far as Adams and the rest of his loyal wranglers know, the ruthless Rattler had been hanged in El Paso three years ago. Few things worried the famed Gene Adams, but to get messages from a dead man was different.
But before he has time to act, Bar 10 is suddenly attacked and all the signs are that somehow the Rattler survived the hangman’s rope and is now responsible for the massacre of Adams’ loyal hands.
Gene, though, is not easily intimidated and he vows that, come hell or high water, he will solve the mystery and bring the murderers to justice - whoever they may be.

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