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Paul DeThroe's The Devil's Prophet

Length: 759 pages12 hours


Demonic aliens have invaded Earth and secretly planted their Anti-Christ figure in Europe. Goal: Enslave, exterminate and replace humanity with a race of diabolical super-humans.

With civilization collapsing due to famine, disease and economic ruin, world super-powers begin pushing society towards Armageddon. Caught up in the endless war, American Air Force pilot, Col. Robert Snowdown, is shot down inside Iran by a jealous and power hungry comrade. After being rescued by an exiled Muslim quantum physicist, Habiba El Naggar, who claims to know the heretical secret to direct communication with God, he forms an uneasy truce with her.

Together, Col. Franklin and Habiba devise a plan to use top secret U.S. government H.A.A.R.P. technology to open the final prophetic Biblical seals that will bring angelic warriors back to Earth to battle the demonic aliens and raise a zombie army to battle the Anti-Christ’s doomsday forces. Their brazen acts will either push humanity beyond the brink of apocalypse or condemn humanity to its final judgment.

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