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The Glass Coffin: The Snow White Case

Length: 122 pages1 hour


The Carmichaels are back for another magical adventure! Agatha Christie meets the Brothers Grimm in this retelling of the classic fairy tale, "Snow White."

Life has been very quiet for Daniel and Lorelei Carmichael after their first detective case. When a beautiful widow hires Daniel to find her missing daughter, Daniel is assured the case will be very simple. But, while Daniel is busy searching for the missing girl, Lorelei takes it upon herself to learn more about the aristocratic client. The Carmichaels soon find themselves entangled in a mystery involving a ragtag acting troupe, smarmy playboys, hidden talents, and, once again, dark magic.

Will Daniel find the young Blanche Goodford? And will Lorelei discover the truth about Lady Goodford's mysterious past before it's too late?

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