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Thai Lite

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Thai lite by S.Tsow - Not so much a comedy of errors as an error of comedy.

The selected scribblings of S. Tsow - linguist, theologian, philosopher and sage-in-residence of the City of Angels - writes authoritatively and eloquently on the burning issues of our time: the scourge of cellphones, the escalating price of noodles, the inanity of political correctness, and the bad gramer and speling ov the yooth ov tooday... not to mention beer drinking, bad medicine, backpacking in the old days and the boisterous bedlam of Bangkok.

Rave Reviews of the Work of S. Tsow

"Tsow is a great punctuator." Colin Piprell, author.

"An evil toad." James Eckardt, author.

"Who?" Simon J. Hand, journalist.

"Tsow is one of the most underrated writers in Bangkok today - and with good reason." Fardley Nerdwell, Literary critic.

"As his writing reveals, S. Tsow has managed to make the difficult transition from adolescence to senility without passing through an intervening stage of maturity." Turk Grogan, philosopher.

"He was a good boy, but I understand he's gone downhill since." Mrs. J. Tsow, mother.

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