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Itti Bitty Adventures

Length: 147 pages2 hours


Itti bitties enjoy a quiet life in the forest, where blueberries grow wild and cool breezes tickle your face, and the dreaded nettlepickies haven’t found them yet. But when the forest is devoured by builders with bulldozers, the rainbow-colored, furry itti bitties take flight to places unknown.
Itti bitties go wherever the wind blows, and Noah, Ethan, Andrew and Gabby land on the busy corner of Dover and Lexington in the city—a sticky, lively place crawling with ants where danger is lurking just beneath the surface. Pinkie, Thomas, and Geoffrey float into Cajun country where Bubba the alligator and a crawfish named Henry take them on a cruise through the swamp, dodging snakes, Cajuns and those awful nettlepickies that are always on their heels.
Join the itti bitties as they navigate rivers and clouds on their quest to find each other and a new home—if they can all survive the journey.

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