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Nora The Screenplay

98 pages58 minutes


Her harsh brand of rehab hides a bitter secret.

Ex-nurse, Nancy is hurled into the world of celebrity when she finds herself performing a shoot for handsome but odious playboy, Vince, as they walk from one of his nightclubs.

The seduction of this other world sours after Nancy overhears Vince make a bet with his PA, Leon on the length of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Her world falls apart after Vince’s limo crashes, killing Leon and forcing Nancy into saving Vince’s life. Soon after, she finds Vince bedridden with no memory of her, and surrounded by sycophants.

From hereon, Nancy’s alter-ego, Nora hijacks Vince’s home and forces him to undergo her harsh brand of rehab with darkly comical results.

Approximate running time 92 minutes.

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