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Wrapped Up In Ribbon: Stories and Poems of the Christmas Season

Length: 140 pages1 hour


Embrace the season, and enjoy this unforgettable anthology of Christmas tales and verse written by an eclectic group of writers from across North America. These stirring stories and poems explore life, love, and the gifts of Christmas. Sometimes the best presents do not come wrapped up in pretty ribbon and bows. Sometimes the very best presents are kind words or deeds. Sometimes they are merely a feeling. Join these talented writers as they explore the wonders of Christmas and share with you the memory of their most memorable Christmas present. This delightful Christmas collection features the talents of Patricia D’Innocenzo, Laurie Sages, Jennifer Beattie Hulehan, Kathleen Schmitt, Rebecca Poole, Julia Rose Grey, Barbara H. Poole, Pamela Sloan, R. L. Mitchell, April J. Durham, and Patrick Durham.

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