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Exposure 1

Length: 72 pages1 hour


Should life at college really be this bad?

Just when Alice thinks life can't get any harder, it does. When she loses yet another job, and her college work continues to rise, she begins struggling for options. Her dorm room is more like a cell, her grades are slipping, and now she's got no way of paying her rent.

When her room-mate mysteriously moves out in the middle of the night, a man comes calling, a man looking for her. The first time Alice meets Kyle is through the peephole in her dorm room door, and it's a meeting that's going to change her life forever.

Kyle isn't a college guy. He isn't like one of the jocks living it up on campus. No, Kyle runs a club, a club with a very special clientele, and he wants Alice to be it's next prized attraction. As her college life begins to crumble around her, Alice finds that Kyle, sinfully sexy and magnetically manly, might just be her only way out.

Genre: New Adult Romance/College Romance
A novella: roughly 20,000 words
The story unfolds over multiple volumes.

(For adults only 18+ Includes sex, foul language, and themes unsuitable for younger readers)

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