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Urban Legends: An Eve Hathaway's Paranormal Mystery Collection Part 2

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now... our two stories in 1 book!

Urban Legends, real or not?

Chains of Darkness Part 2 : The Spawn's Blood

Melinda learns her father is an ex-angel and she has a brother - but her newly found brother wants to kill her.

Melinda and Gabe discover what Caleb really is—a force that will upset the balance of good and evil that has existed for millenia, a creature that cannot be killed by either side and can only be subsumed by the one who's blood runs in his veins. There's just one problem: The one who spawned him, an ostracized angel and Melinda's father named Daniel, is in hell, being tortured for all eternity.

Because of Caleb's existence, an unholy alliance between the angel, Ariel and the demon, Azgaroth comes to light. Their plan is simple: they will attempt to use Melinda to stop Caleb believing that Melinda's blood is a replacement for Daniel. But things take a turn for the worse as they realize it's not that easy. Their attempt to find a way to stop him will take them to the ends of the earth...and beyond.
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Song of Teeth Part 2 : Pale Eyes

Mark and Tatiana’s initial discovery of a strange, clear-skinned crocodile quickly expands into a discovery of an entirely unknown species living deep beneath their city of Fontel.

Far, far below any areas explored by humans, they follow a pristine system of glowing caves to a vast and wondrous city built by this ancient species of crocodiles. In the untold millions of years hidden from the surface, these creatures evolved into an intelligent reptilian people with language, art, and music. They also evolved a hostility to anything—or anyone—who may threaten to expose them to the outside world.

Barely escaping these fiercely protective crocodiles, Mark and Tatiana struggle with the decision of how to handle their amazing finding. In the meantime, they develop a friendship with the first crocodile creature who contacted them—a young, adventurous inpidual they nickname Ally.

Mark and Tatiana continue to push their families and friends farther away as they become totally absorbed in each other and their difficult secret. In desperation, they even turn to an unlikely source of advice from Tatiana’s past. Yet, through all their soul-searching, the question remains: Should they stay silent and help protect this shy species? Or should they share their groundbreaking knowledge that humans share the globe with another intelligent life form?

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