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The Six Inch Diet
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I understand there are people who have picked up this book hoping for "The Solution" in the world of dieting and weight loss. And you are at the right place for that. Yet you are completely taken aback by the fact that this book is written by a Christian minister. What would a minister know about dieting and weight loss?? Well, first of all, I am not only a minister. After twenty years in the medical field I have gained a significant amount of knowledge when it comes to the epidemic health problem that this world is suffering from. Yes, obesity is the main expense in healthcare, the main factor in the top three causes of death, and one of the biggest contributors when we look at disabilities. So being a healthcare professional I deal with the consequences of obesity all the time. Likewise I deal with the consequences of poor understanding of diet and exercise all the time as well, trying to fix people where things have gone wrong. It is amazing that we have libraries full of information on diet and exercise, and that most people do not have a basic understanding of what is right and wrong. Most people know about all the gimmicks and junk out there that supposedly should help you loose weight and be healthy, but true knowledge is often far to be found. For years and years I tried to help people understand proper diet and exercise, although looking back at it now, I was still missing some very important details, that did not come to me until I became a Christian minister. This book, and do not be discouraged by the small number of pages, will bring anyone all the necessary information and details to provide the much needed support in the quest for weight loss, exercise and good health.

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