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Hunter's Moon

Length: 260 pages5 hours


Following a family tradition to seek her spirit guide, Luna sets out for an overnight camping trip into the wilds of the Willamette Valley National Forest along the Blue River. She does not know that the full moon in the sky combined with her chance meeting of the ranger at the trail's start would alter her life forever. She will soon learn that werewolves are real and that she is being hunted by them. Her only chance at survival is a Hunter, come to Blue River to thin down their numbers if not eradicate them. Fate throws them together and, at first, she is desperate only to stay alive and go home. But then she wants more, she wants to be in the Hunter's arms and, after feeling the bite of his hand on her backside, over his knee. This story is a dark fantasy. It is sexually explicit with themes intended for adults over 18 only.

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