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Messages from Jesus and the Transpersonal Realms: Journals of Out-of-Body Experiences, Akashic Record Readings, Past Life Regressions and Apparitions

Length: 304 pages4 hours


Messages from Jesus and the Transpersonal Realms offers readers deep spiritual insight, and a view of a worthy soul moving toward the light. This spiritual memoir shares visions of the real world beyond the world we see, and offers a record of one man's experience of the divine.

Author Craig L. Kelley recounts his firsthand experience with incredible transpersonal events. His visions, and the knowledge he shares about the spiritual world are astounding. Yet he did not divulge his discoveries as soon as he experienced them. Rather, he held his personal story close while he researched for fifteen years, seeking deeper understanding among the wisest teachers of the world.

Kelley has studied comparative religions, both in books and among those who have personally experienced spiritual revelations. His research areas include the world's accumulated knowledge of reincarnation, the afterlife, and life between lives. He has explored both western and non-western viewpoints on karma and soul journeys. He has also delved into the sciences of quantum physics, energy, metaphysics, psychology, parapsychology, the paranormal, transpersonal, and the creation and evolution of Homo sapiens on planet Earth.

In short, the author has prepared himself to share the wisdom he has received. He understands his vision, in both spiritual and earthly terms. He is prepared to carry a vital message of love and transformation to the world.

This book is a precise report of messages the author received in the course of his spiritual seeking. In a vision, he examined the Akashic Record, that mystical store of everything that has happened and everything that will happen in the open-ended saga of striving to know life as spirit. In an out-of-body experience, he came to know the life of the spirit. And finally, through past life regression, he came to know the wisdom of Jesus, and to hear, clearly, his messages for all humankind.

Craig L. Kelley had never imagined or dreamed about any wild past lives, and yet he found them--or they found him. He was flung from his temporal, unaware life into the larger universe that the mere physical world screens. In intimate personal experiences, he was shown his eternal nature and his true role in the universe.

In reading the part of the Akashic Record that pertained to himself, the author realized the weighty karmic load he had once accumulated. Indeed, he had shared the blame for the destruction of a magnificent planet, and the despoiling of many lives. Yet he was shown how he had expiated his bad karma through the work of many lifetimes, and that he was now ready to bear the message.

Finally, in a past life regression, Kelley was privileged to experience the birth of Jesus Christ. He described in the most vivid possible terms the birth of the transcendent child into our mortal world. Watching the birth, Kelley stood as Joseph of Narzareth, bearing witness and offering protection and devotion.

Through his visions, Kelley has gained an intimate understanding of Jesus's teachings and their meaning. Messages from Jesus and the Transpersonal Realms offers the author's experience of the divine in the hope that readers may better understand their own lives in relation to faith and the universe.

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