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The Runs of Whiteskill

Length: 233 pages2 hours


Plum Taylor is a sixteen-year-old vegan and animal-shelter volunteer from small-town Ludlow, New Jersey. Unlike her peers at Ludlow High, she is not looking forward to summer, as she is forced to spend it at Palace Shore Drama Camp in Whiteskill, New York. Shy, soft-spoken, and better versed in backstage than center stage, Plum is pleasantly surprised when she makes friends with her cabinmates and catches the eye of Ace Whibley, a handsome, talented cross-continent transplant with strong musical and dramatic abilities that stem from his father’s side of the family.
When word gets out that Ace is pursuing Plum, Manhattan native and fellow camper Gentry Carpenter and her wealthy cabinmate Tasha Segal attempt to put a stop to the budding friendship. However, their plans are squashed when they become the target of a stomach-turning camp prank.
Hilarity ensues as Plum and Gentry compete for Ace’s affections and camp counselors Teddy and Kristin attempt to balance a musical with a prank investigation.

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