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Six Meet Prehistoric Man

Length: 109 pages1 hour


Sophie wasn't at all sure about Sundays, and this one was worse than most. She met her strange friend Eric, his strange (and imaginary) friend Roy, their even stranger friend The Professor, a collection of dangerous Cats and a Caveman - and to top all of that, there were The Men from the Ministry ...

'Queer looking sort,' Stinky observed as the caveman crawled out and stood up.
'He's my cousin,' Jack improvised. 'From out of town.'
'How d'you do,' Stinky shot out his right hand. The caveman retreated from it nervously, and grunted.
'He doesn't speak any English,' Jack added.
'Oh bad luck, old man,' Stinky sympathised. 'Foreign national?'
'I should say so, yes.'
'Heir to a distant throne, I'll be bound.'
'More than likely,' Jack conceded.
A second curious and surreal romp through the world of six deluded and at times borderline psychotic children - welcome to the world of The Splendid Six.

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