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The Viatic of Thaddeus Moon

Length: 13 pages10 minutes


The first installment in a series of thrilling tales of high stakes Victorian adventure, The Viatic of Thaddues Moon is a story of exhilarating heroics and narrow escapes. Thaddeus Moon, thief extraordinaire, finds himself trapped in a prison cell beneath the streets of Victorian era London, with nothing to aid him but his wit and a friend on the outside. Things are not going well for Thaddeus, who quickly finds himself at the end of his rope, or more accurately, on his way to that of a hangman. When a sudden explosion tears through the walls of the cell, his interrogation at the hands of a vengeful inspector comes to an abrupt halt. With his old partner coming to his rescue, the duo must outrun and outsmart the police as they rush to the docks and the ship that can carry them to safety.

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