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The Golden Egg

Length: 293 pages4 hours


The Golden Egg is Friday Night Lights with a romance, only the small town racism is replaced by big city overconsumption.

Owen Dawson is a professional basketball star dissatisfied with his current team and bored with life in Indiana with his pregnant girlfriend, Sasha. He agitates for a trade to Miami while giving a half-hearted effort to his current team. After enduring a storm of criticism from popular NBA critics like Tony Wilbon, Lewis B. Smith, Jalen Webber and Charles Coakley, Owen takes his talents to South Beach, signs a $100 million contract, and buys enough bling to light “the Triple A” during a hurricane-induced power outage.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Owen, Alexis Jaeger Brown has him in her sights. Alex is the illegitimate daughter of an 80’s rock star and plans to capitalize on her father’s name to climb Miami’s social ladder. She initially dates Mark Ellers, a wealthy producer, but still dreams of meeting Owen. When her relationship with Mark hits an unanticipated snag, she orchestrates a chance meeting with Owen. Sparks fly.

Seemingly free of Sasha, Owen embarks upon a courtship with Alex. Then, tragedy strikes. Owen is injured in an accident. He may never play basketball again. His pre-injury financial decisions come home to roost, and the media holds him up as a cautionary tale.

Now Owen is in the battle of his life, trying to rehab his injuries, stop the financial bleeding, and hold on to Alex, who has one foot out the door. This isn’t the life she signed up for. And it isn’t the life her controlling mother, Julie, wants for them, either. Faced with Julie’s advice that she not waste her good years on Owen, Alex struggles to decide whom to follow, her mother or her husband.

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