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Ritual Magic

Length: 344 pages5 hours


Book 2 of the Magical Tendencies Series.
Celeste Ravenwood has a problem...well, several actually. To begin with, she's a queen on the run. Her life is in constant peril and danger because she, of all people, will soon conceive a child of legend...a prodigy...a rare individual that will impact the future. This was not what she had signed up for!
Cora, the magical child of legend, is beyond amazing but Celeste still finds herself frustrated with the idea of how she is going to actually conceive of this mythical child. The reality of the necessity for a unique ritual to conceive the child becomes more and more evident as the fathers (yes, fathers) are informed and brought into the circle of magic.
During the race to the ritual, Celeste encounters many new individuals that will impact her life as well, as those that have already taken a foothold in her world. Solomon Ryker, Von Edwards and Gabriel Running Wolf have all taken residence in her life to keep it interesting, as well as heated. Oh, and who could forget of Leonzio Emilio Castillion, the sizzling demon king? Yes, he's there too!

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