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Beyond The Dawns Collection: Three Book Bundle

Length: 82 pages1 hour


This super hot bundle includes the following stories:

Chance Romance: Chase has a satisfying job and a good life in general, but there is something missing. As he always does on Friday nights, he checks gay chatrooms to see if there is anyone that will pique his interest.

When he meets Shane, Chase thinks that he may have found everything he wanted. But will he be taken by a Dom that respects him, the way he has longed for so many years?

Prelude to Innocence: Chase embraces his inner leather boi and Shane, his leather top man, takes him out to a very interesting bar. Shane is looking for someone that will embrace the group sex ambiance of the fetish whereas Chase is much more inclined towards a long-term, monogamous relationship. Will the boi trust his top man to ensure the fulfillment of desires he didn't even know he had before?

The Next Move: Two unique men come together when something unites them - a burning desire for leather sex. As they slowly learn to be together, they realize that they can help the other reach the solution and release that each one has yearned for. Will their burning lust withstand this test and turn into something else?

Warning: This sizzling hot bundle includes over 23,000 explicit (and delicious) words

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