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Pay To Play Part II (Sex, Money, Drama & Football) Guess What Happens Next?...

Length: 32 pages28 minutes


This book is a continuation of the Best-Selling book “Pay To Play (Sex, Money, Drama & Football)”. It's full of action, drama, romance and comedy. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes or so we hope we do. What happens when we do the same things over and over, constantly repeating our foolish acts we said we would never do. Who is the blame? Sometimes we blame others for our problems. We want to look for an escape goat. However, if we looked in the mirror we would see who the blame is. "Bad habits are hard to break", but will Coach Joe finally be able to defeat his demons of greed and chasing money? Can he overcome his weakness for women, and will he ever be faithful to one woman? Will Joe be able to coach football again? "Never Again" is something we all have said, no one is exempt, but like Coach Joe many of us find ourselves back in the same situation, making the same mistakes. When will we learn? Will Coach Joe ever learn? Guess what happens next? You have to read it to find out.

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