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Marching With Caesar-Final Campaign

Length: 823 pages15 hours


In the final installation of the bestselling Marching With Caesar®-Titus Pullus series, Camp Prefect Titus Pullus participates in his Final Campaign, the invasion of Thrace by the Governor of Macedonia, Marcus Primus. Although claiming that the expedition has the blessing of the Roman now referred to as Augustus, the reality turns out to be far different, and Pullus finds himself embroiled in the toughest battle of his career. Making it more difficult, his final fight will be conducted not on a battlefield, but in Rome itself, in a courtroom, pitting Titus against some patricians of Rome who are determined to make an example of a man who dares to try and improve his circumstances and standing in the rigid hierarchy of Roman society. The question that plagues Titus is: What side is Augustus on?

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