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The Countdown Has Begun

Length: 148 pages2 hours


An elderly woman, Cherie prepared for bedtime, brushed her locks and lotion her hands . Stared at herself in the family heirloom, ancient mirror . She observed a younger woman, and on the path of success, to become lawyer fighting for unprivileged children or a famous artist until she meets prince Charming or was it prince Evil, masking as a knight in shining armor.


Their engagement was brief yet alluring as they spent every moment together .Watched the sun rises and the moon set in the velvet night sky . Laughed at each other jokes cuddled around the fire and spoke of the future and their dreams .

Something of an unnatural existence, a dark form, or creature, was embedded in prince charming DNA. Waiting for the right time to make its appearance .

The young gentleman who was madly in love with Cherie planned to ask for her hand in marriage. Yet he too known that he was not alone . He was sharing his vessel with another . A creature so hideously and evil, he devoured everything in his path . Matthew was his host, and this time, this female, this unknown mystery was a hard shell to crack .

Matthew fought the demon inside him, and usually contained it for a while. There were dire circumstances from not letting the creature had it's authority at times . Michael lost many loved ones to it, and the creatures mysterious methods to make one disappear , never to be seen again .

There was something unique about this female she did not back down from a fight . Matthew at his worst behavior controlled by the beast used many tactics to pushed her away . Started with insults, deception, and verbal abuse, yet she appear to know why he was acting the way he was, it was uncanny .

Did Matthew at last meet his guardian who could challenge and defeat the monster inside him? Or would he lost her to the void of nothingness as he had lost the others he dared to love?

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